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Feminism: From Grassroots to Full Bloom

by Ali Mailen Perrotto

Ali is the Online Resource Coordinator at the National Sexual Violence Resource Center.

Blogger Bio: Feminism excites me! Let's take a look at the way it informs, impacts and shapes the movement against sexual violence.

Blog Description: A blog about the growth of feminist thought and praxis in the movement to end sexual violence.


Law Enforcement & Justice in the face of #Holtzclaw

From the perspective of the mainstream victim rights movement, law enforcement should serve as one tool to support the goals of justice and restoration after sexual violence. It’s one option that people who experience sexual violence have as they decide the next turn they will take on their path to healing. 

In the best of scenarios, a victim who chooses to make a report to law enforcement is believed, provided with options and choices, interviewed in a trauma-informed manner, and feels that the experience of was beneficial, regardless of the outcome. 

Understanding #Holtzclaw: The intersections of race and sexualized violence

Let’s begin with some groundwork. There are long-standing social systems that lead to the widespread oppression of certain groups of people. Actions and behaviors committed by a member of a dominant group exerting power and control over a traditionally oppressed group feed into the monstrous system of social inequity. We will not end any one form of social oppression until we end all of them.